About me

I am intrigued by people’s relationships with others and the ecology, their proposals for mitigating ecological crises, their imaginations of the future, and their commitment to resistance and protest against inequalities. I am strongly engaged with social and ecological justice and intersectional feminism.

With a background in journalism (BA 2013) and social and cultural anthropology (MA 2016, cum laude), I currently work on a doctoral research at the Social and Cultural Anthropology department at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam. In this research, I dive into humans’ encounters with water, dip into the realm of the imagination, and plunge into the critiques of ecological movements. Theoretically my research can be placed at the intersection of political ecology, (eco)feminism and postcolonial studies, whilst exploring the ontological turn.

I conduct this research, that runs from 2018-2023, as a part-time and external PhD candidate. On the side, I teach anthropology at the VU and continue to work as a freelance writer and communications advisor for various NGO’s (Karuna Foundation, Light for the World) in the sector of inclusive and community-based development, especially promoting the rights of people with a disability. I’ve also worked for Vice Versa, journalism platform on global cooperation, and various other media.

At this website, you can read about my research activities and other work.